Chat log for September 20, 2004

davek: I'll say that is good.
camidon: Hey, that's good!
Elizabeth: Welcome back Anneliese!
emptykube: hello anneliese
camidon: Hi, Anneliese.
anneliese: Hi Everyone! Sorry I'm late.
davek: Hi Anneliese.
emptykube: of course you can finish yours tonight! think happy thoughts
camidon: Late? nah, merely making an entrance, right?
anneliese: Oh, yea, that must be it, lol
davek: Late, I'm working on getting my critiques less than a month overdue.
Elizabeth: can I have a time extension on the Muse story? I'm about halfway through.
emptykube: of course!
anneliese: You can have all the time you need!
camidon: BTW, Dave, I'll be in the Fort Collins area on Oct 13th, a Wednesday. If you're around...
davek: Yor're sending them out.
anneliese: I'm still gloating that I got mine done
Elizabeth: lol! Don't give me an opening, Anneliese, or I'll procrastinate right through it!
anneliese: lol
camidon: lol
davek: I think so.
anneliese: Well, then Elizabeth, how about you have until you get the rest dealt with.
Elizabeth: Would you like me to send the stories to the group? Maybe post them to the website as well?
emptykube: hey if my 'silly' muse story can turn out seriuos, you certainly can take whatever time you want. my Muse played devil with me.
anneliese: I was wondering if we should post them on the wiki.
davek: I sounds like our next challange story will be on procrastinating.
camidon: Dave, I'll email you as the date nears
Elizabeth: Oooh, that would also be good.
anneliese: It was fun having the little challenge.
camidon: I'd say, send them and post them.
emptykube: send and post so we can have comments?
Elizabeth: I think the challenge worked out pretty well.
camidon: yeah, it got me writing, when I hadn't done it for a while.
emptykube: yes...this was fun. its the most writing i've gotten done in a long time.
davek: I would say send them. Do we want to ask for critiques, vote for the best one, do it on the forum or wiki?
anneliese: I can take what you send around and post them to a new 'challenge' web.
anneliese: On the wiki, we can add polling, as well as comments.
camidon: We could make a whole section of the WIKI site, for these challenges.
anneliese: Might be fun.
davek: Most writing for me too. Maybe chalanges are good for us impaired writers.
Elizabeth: Good idea, Anneliese. Please refresh my we have a submission for this critique date (10/4)?
anneliese: Which is why I posted the November Novel challenge on the message board.
Elizabeth: OMG, not NaNoWriMo again!
anneliese: I don't think so, but I don't have the list with me.
emptykube: 50000 words in 30 days....hmmmm still pondering it.
anneliese: Yep, I'm thinking of doing it this year.
camidon: Hmmm. Maybe I could write my fourth children's book in that time... Hmmm...
Elizabeth: Or is this something else? I got about halfway through NaNoWriMo and completely ran out of steam.
Elizabeth: Not to mention free time.
camidon: That would be neat if a few of us from this group did it. It would probably motivate us more.
Elizabeth: But it might just be what I need to get off of my posterior and finish Book 2.
anneliese: NaNoWriMo...Do you need the link?
emptykube: i do have an idea, and even an outline (yes I actually outlined something), but that works out to almost 2000 words per day. Can i squeeze that much time each day? (shrugs)
camidon: Even if one runs out of steam, halfway through aint half bad!
davek: Elizabeth, when you send out the stories, send out the web address for the Wiki.
Elizabeth: Lead me not into temptation...I can find it all by myself.
anneliese: lol
Elizabeth: good suggestion, Dave. I'll do it. Please feel free to nudge me if I mess up.
camidon: hehe. It would be a challenge. 2000 words.
anneliese: I'm lucky to do 500 words a day, but heck, it is still something.
camidon: Well, there's still another month (Oct) before the challenge begins...
Elizabeth: I have trouble pulling 1000 words a week, but what the heck...I seem to need an external goal to motivate myself.
emptykube: agree with elizabeth...deadlines do seem helpful.
davek: Do you sign up, or is it a personal goal?
Elizabeth: Yes, I can do all of my shopping, cooking and cleaning in October, so that in November I have only child care, work, and writing... :biggrin:
anneliese: I know I need something for motivation...and I think it is going to take all of October to figure out what to write.
camidon: lol
Elizabeth: You sign up on the site, Dave.
anneliese: You register, and can use their official word counters to keep track of your progress.
emptykube: my birthday is nov would be nice to give myself a 50000 word present
Elizabeth: They've got boards, a progress tracker, and some other cool features.
Elizabeth: good idea!
anneliese: Great birthday present.
camidon: This is a good idea. A couple of SFWW group members doing this would really be a fantastic writing experience. We'd have fellow writers, we know, urging us on.
Elizabeth: Group challenge!
Elizabeth: Plus it is a great way to meet writers in your own genre, geographical area, whatever demographic you're looking for.
camidon: It's just a matter of brain dumping text onto the page and sorting it out later, or that's how I interpret the challenge anyway
emptykube: collective moral support! if one of us slips we all send a collective rallying cry?
Elizabeth: Yep. All they're looking for is a first draft.
camidon: Now you all have me seriously contemplating it! Hmmm
Elizabeth: I'm wondering if a rewrite would count...I think I've figured out what I need to change in Book 1.
davek: Rewrites take longer for me that the original work.
Elizabeth: Same here, which is why I'm considering NaNoWriMo.
Elizabeth: Put myself under some pressure to get the darn thing done.
emptykube: i want to a science fiction retelling of cinderella.
Elizabeth: That could be interesting, Mike.
anneliese: As I see it, 50K words is 50K words. Just as long as they were typed during the time period.
Elizabeth: My thoughts exactly. Especially if I'm considering some major story overhauls (which I am).
emptykube: spend way too much of my time watching and reading the damn fairy tale...i need to do something with the concept!
davek: Does November have 30 or 31 days?
Elizabeth: 30
anneliese: 30
davek: BUmmer.
anneliese: But I won't tell if you start Oct. 31st.
Elizabeth: Yeah, I could use that extra day.
davek: Sure October has 31 days.
davek: And so does December. WHy did they have to pick November?
camidon: This could be good, (nods thoughtfully) yes it could.
emptykube: it sounds like many of us are considering this. should we challenge the whole group?
Elizabeth: Criminy, there'd be no way I'd sign up for December. That month is murder.
Elizabeth: Sure!
anneliese: At least in November you have Turkey day weekend, which can equate to a bit more writing time.
emptykube: december is horrible month for retail managers to try to write in! november is marginally better since thanksgiving is at the end.
anneliese: At least for those of us who pretend to have other jobs.
davek: I wonder if I can write with a turkey leg stuck in my mouth?
Elizabeth: lol!
anneliese: (I can!)
emptykube: turkey weekend is busy time for me at work
Elizabeth: brb
camidon: I think we should send it out to the group...
davek: It might help. Use it to press the space bar.
camidon: ... then again, most of the active group os here.
anneliese: No reason not to.
anneliese: lol Dave!
camidon: You can start a whole new writing style, Dave.
anneliese: We will get more active members. Soon, I think.
davek: BUt where can I get a turkey greese proof keyboard?
emptykube: so what about a challenge for this upcoming week? it was nice to have something to work on last week. can we come up with something again?
camidon: AH, now there's the rub, Dave.
anneliese: Oh, that is easy. You can either get one of those skins, or a flat keyboard.
davek: I suggest we do that once a month.
camidon: What are the signs thelling you this, Anneliese?
anneliese: Can't say, exactly. It's in my gut.
camidon: about the members, not the turkey-proof keyboard
anneliese: Yep, CM.
anneliese: lol
camidon: lol
davek: Let's hope that keyboard is not in your gut. Of course my dog would probably eat it.
emptykube: i'd settle for active members let alone new members!
camidon: How about a challenge every two weeks?
anneliese: Seriously, we're beginning to get some inquiries. It is a trickle, but I think word is beginning to get around.
camidon: That's a good thing.
davek: How is it getting around? And how to we increase the getting part.
camidon: About a nother challenge: Someone mentioned procrastination.
anneliese: We can do challenges that frequently, if we (the active members) are interested in so many.
anneliese: Otherwise, I'd at least try for one a month.
emptykube: a procrastination challenge would be good, but can we save that one for latter?
davek: Maybe if we have critiques we do those and if not a channange.
anneliese: Posting on message boards, telling other writers I happen to bump into.
anneliese: Maybe we do the challenge for the 2nd Monday slot since no one wants to submit stories for that one.
camidon: One a month, for purposes of logging on the WIKIsite, and involvin the entire group is probablt the right timeframe. But those inclined, can do them as often as inclined???
davek: Challenge - there I can spell it right.
emptykube: if we participate in the nanowrimo event shall we expect portions as submissions to the group for comment?
anneliese: Once the challenge has been posted on the Wiki, I think folks can take it up and/or re-do it any time.
anneliese: If not portions, at least progress reports.
anneliese: We could start a message board thread and possibly a wiki page.
Elizabeth: Second Monday slot for challenges sounds good.
emptykube: agree about second monday slot.
camidon: I agree, about the challenge dates, and starting the bboard and wikipage for nanowrimo
davek: Writer's Digest has a short short competition with a deadline of December 1.
anneliese: I can begin to do the wiki stuff tomorrow.
anneliese: October's challenge?
emptykube: also, if i participate in the nanowrimo, i know i wll need some outside discipline to keep me focused. the wiki site and "required" progress reports for those participating might be a big help.
davek: Loosing weight so I won't ballon up after Thanksgiving.
Elizabeth: Weekly progress reports to the group?
anneliese: I'll look into it, but I believe I can create some sort of check-in page on the wiki to keep track of progress.
emptykube: what do you think? would that work elizabeth?
anneliese: Emails to the group with word counts might be better, though.
Elizabeth: I think that the challenge and NaNoWriMo will work.
Elizabeth: Might spur more interest in the group as well.
anneliese: Really rub it into the ones not writing!
emptykube: then maybe after november we can start slots for critique of what we've come up with and drum up some critique activity.
Elizabeth: Sounds like a plan.
anneliese: Excellent plan
anneliese: Of course, were we discussing CM's sub tonight? Or did you all do that before I came in?
emptykube: well i may run out of steam, but it looks i'm talking myself into participating...
camidon: I think we might as well go for it, as a group. As the nanowrimo website says, "nothing ventured, nothing gained". If some of us don9;t meet the goal, or burnout halfway though, at least we tried.
Elizabeth: Once I'm done with my Musings, I'll go ahead and send out the Muse collection.
camidon: oh, was it really my critique spot night?
emptykube: oh yeah..speaking of critique
Elizabeth: And then send out an e-mail for NaNoWriMo.
anneliese: Sounds great.
camidon: <checking records> I'd forgotten all about that. oops.
Elizabeth: Whoops! Bad moderator, no biscuit!
camidon: Looking forward to that Muse collection. It does sound good.
Elizabeth: About the chapters...CM, I really like that you brought the dog into the conflict.
anneliese: I liked how you brought an amazing amount of information into the story, but it didn't feel like info-dumping.
Elizabeth: Makes the emotional stakes for your hero even higher.
anneliese: <== agrees with Elizabeth
camidon: <altering mindset, slipping into story-mode> Thank you.
davek: WHat is the title? Winter Cannons or The FIres of Winter?
camidon: "The Fires of Winters" is the current title, and the correct one.
camidon: The other one, was an earlier title stab
Elizabeth: :::writes correct title on back of hand:::
davek: LOL
Elizabeth: Maybe next time I'll remember.
camidon: hehe. I think it was my mistake earlier, I let the wrong title slip through once.
camidon: no biggie though
davek: As long as the published gets it right.
camidon: Lol! One can hope it will get that far!
camidon: Any thoughts about what was confusing about these chapters, or what could be done better in your opinions?
anneliese: I stumbled over a couple of typos, but that was about it.
davek: You can send me a memory. I forget what is happening. The synopsis helps but not enough fer me.
anneliese: I did have a nagging wonder about the intended age of the reader audience again.
Elizabeth: I thought you did an excellent job of explaining the conflict, and how this battle will be fought.
emptykube: is this a multi-volume book? (I may have asked this once before)
camidon: So, the info given by Cal (the strange being descriptions), didn't slow things down too much, nor seem out of place?
anneliese: Seemed very appropriate, to me.
camidon: Yep, Mike, there will be 4 and only 4 books.
davek: How long do you plan each one?
camidon: What was the "nagging wonder" about the age, Anneliese?
davek: I agree with Anneliese, some parts seem advanced for a teen.
anneliese: A little bit of it, mostly ch12, I think, seemed written for an older age group.
camidon: First book = 160 pages. 2nd book 200pages. Somewhere in that rage, Dave
camidon: " some parts seem advanced for a teen" Any specifics?
davek: I'll have to get back on that.
anneliese: I thought the writing was good, but the vocabulary and sentence length more 'adult'.
anneliese: But that isn't necessarily a bad thing.
camidon: Good to know. In skimming CH12, I can see why. In rewrites, I find myself constantly questioning sentences and asking: "Is this too much?" When I don't have a clear answer for myself, I leave it in. As I recall, during rewrites, I specifically remember asking myself this about some of CH12 material.
camidon: Take your time, Dave.
Elizabeth: I'd rather see somebody write "up" to a YA audience than "down" to them.
anneliese: <==agrees
emptykube: writing "down" can be an author's death knoll.
emptykube: knoll...toll??? career ending thingy either way..
anneliese: Also, were the chapters a bit longer in this sub, than prior chapters?
anneliese: knell
anneliese: ding dong
camidon: In writing this I decided to mostly worry about staying in Damon's voice. If things got complex, as long as I stayed in his voice to describe things and give understanding, I thought I would be okay. <shrug>
anneliese: I think that is a good stragegy. Stay with it.
emptykube: thanks, anneleise...getting tired and unable to think staright
emptykube: straight.
anneliese: Because you did that well, is why I'm on the fence whether this is 'too adult' in writing.
camidon: Yes, I think they were, Anneliese.
camidon: Some of the previous chapters were very short (CH8). CH12 was a little longer than most I think.
Elizabeth: I didn't think the chapter length was a problem.
camidon: I also crammed a lot of chapters into this submission, as I wanted to get the rest of the book out in only two critique slots (this one in Sept, and once upcoming in OCt)
davek: I'm reading Dan Brown's Angles and Demons. Talk about short chapters.
emptykube: gonna say goodnight owe you a poroper critique. everyone else have fun...
camidon: Thanks, Mike. Take your time.
anneliese: Good chatting with you tonight.
davek: Bye. I've got to go too. Chris, let's talk about the 13th.
camidon: If you want to wait til Oct, and then crit these chapters with the last three, feel free.
camidon: Sounds good, Dave.
Elizabeth: Okay, good night
davek: Bye.
anneliese: Niters.
System: davek left us (snif).
Elizabeth: I probably need to sign off and finish my Musings.
anneliese: How many did you get?
camidon: As the evening is wrapping up, Anneliese, Elizabeth, last question: Still reading?
Elizabeth: Good night everyone, thanks for was a great chat.
anneliese: Reading?
Elizabeth: I got five, Anneliese. Six if I can pull mine together.
camidon: Does reading these next few chapters make you want to read the last ones even more/
anneliese: That's great, Elizabeth.
camidon: If that maes sense
Elizabeth: Absolutely, CM. I need to find out what happens to Damon and Radar!
anneliese: Absolutely, CM. I really do want to find out how it all ends.
camidon: Then, that's the most important thing of all!
anneliese: I think this story has only gotten better as it goes on.
camidon: and you'll find out soon...
anneliese: Looking forward to it!
camidon: Thanks a bunch all. I appreciate the feedback, especially since I had forgotten about the chat about my story tonight!
camidon: Again, I'm looking forward to that Muse collection. It does sound good.
Elizabeth: I'll be sending it out tonight or early tomorrow. Nighters!
anneliese: Same here, I'm really curious to know what we all wrote.
camidon: gnight all.
Elizabeth: Good night!