Chat log for August 11, 2004

anneliese: Hi CM!
camidon: howdy!
anneliese: Oh, wow, I got history today!
anneliese: And scrolling is working!
camidon: I got history, but no scrolling. <shrug>
anneliese: This is the first time I've had scrolling in months.
camidon: My apologies for not being around as much recently.
anneliese: That's OK, I was about to apologize for not sending a chat reminder out today.
camidon: then, again, it's not like much of SFWW is around at all these days!
camidon: bah, you sent one out MOnday, that should have been sufficent.
anneliese: Sad, but true. I'm hoping that things pick up after Labor day...had fair turnout at Monday's chat.
anneliese: A couple of guests seemed interested in the website, at least.
camidon: really?
anneliese: Yep. Almost floored me. I think we had 6 in the room at one time.
camidon: I hope, Dave shows. I felt bad about not being to attend his story chat. I wanted to, but alas, that's how things go.
camidon: Hey, that's exciting.
anneliese: Well, I'm trying to spread the word everywhere I can (and have the energy for) in AOL.
camidon: Though, my summer season IS winding down. By the end of the Sept I9;ll be back in CO, and rabble rousing my writing again,
anneliese: I'm hoping that the search engines begin picking up the site and improving its ranking soon.
camidon: That's the most important thing.
anneliese: It would also be nice if some webmasters would update their links, but that doesn't seem to be happening very fast, either.
anneliese: Have you been checking out the wiki postings?
camidon: Gosh, I've really been out of touch with that.
camidon: That's the first thing to go for me, the bboard, then wikisite, and it's just not been in my recent timeframe., though it is on my radar screen.
camidon: So, to make a long answer short: no.
anneliese: I'm wondering what you feel about how the project is developing, given that the kernel was your idea.
camidon: Anything you'd like to share?
anneliese: Most of the activity has been Dave, Mike and me. I think we have had some good discussions.
camidon: Well, first off, I just think it's cool that it's going somewhere. As I said on the bboard, people could run with this idea if they wanted to.
anneliese: I just wish there was more participation.
camidon: <shaking head, must get to the WIKIsite.>
camidon: I'm very open to the direction the project takes. I've got my ideas, but nothing is in stone, more in a liquid stated that comingles with other fluid ideas.
anneliese: The crux of the decision making, IMHO, is the time frame: long (thousands of years) or short (hundreds of years)
camidon: I agree. I think that's the biggest stumbling block, one of the few issues members differ on.
camidon: My goal tonight was to just say: which do you prefer, then go which ever was most popular, and see where those directions took us.
anneliese: Sounds like it's going to get wet and sloppy around here. Sticking out tongue
camidon: lol, do you have an opinion one way or another for the timeframe?
anneliese: Well, how come your smilies show and mine don't?
camidon: good question. How come you can scroll and my isn't working?
camidon: The neat thing about WIKI, is even if one aspect of the project goes one way, there's no reason we could have a seperate world based on something as little as the timeframe (some stories in the hundreds of years, see what happens, and also pages dedicated to stories over the thousands and thousands of years).
camidon: <there's no reason we COULDN'T> is what it should say.
camidon: Of course, that involves getting around to writing the stories...
camidon: BTW, one of my friends found a WIKIpedia site, an online encyclopedia that's based on regular people adding entries to the online encyclopedia, with some monitors to check for accuracy.
camidon: Did I lose you, Anneliese?
anneliese: Still there?
camidon: I'm here, you?
camidon: Did you get my list of random comments? I refreshed the page a few times........
camidon: I got your "Still here?" but that was amidst a refresth.
anneliese: If I drop out, it's because I have something strange going on here. I'm going to be restarting Netscape.
System: anneliese left us (snif).
System: anneliese joined us. Cheers!
anneliese: Oh happy day, don't know what happened, but I got all (I hope) of your comments.
anneliese: That was wierd.
System: camidon joined us. Cheers!
anneliese: I've found that's very useful.
camidon: Ugh. I just had a fatal error. Let's hope a new page works.
camidon: Ah, now I see you again, all is well.
anneliese: Re: your comments, you are right. There isn't any reason why we couldn't have parallel projects on different timelines.
anneliese: Oh, and now you have the little symbol by your name.
camidon: At times, the private chat room is on large quantities of illegal substances.
anneliese: True. My web guru and I were talking about it at dinner.
camidon: That's the beauty of WIKI, so we might as well use it, if people want. I'd rather have too many open ends, then limit people's creativity by forcing rules that don't want to agree with.
anneliese: We're moving our clients to a new hosting situation...but it doesn't allow chat software.
anneliese: Give me the old IRC chat...I was just getting good with it!
anneliese: I think it is definately a good point to have all these, message board, chat.
camidon: of course! THat's always how it works.
anneliese: Even if our group stays small, they are great resources for us.
camidon: Yah, we have more resources, which is great, but the group just has to get rolling again, which I think it will... eventually.
anneliese: I know it will.
camidon: I'm thrilled by this collaborative project. Even though it would be nice to have ecen more members involved, just the fact that we're actually talking science fiction story stuff is great.
anneliese: I'm thinking of using the wiki as a place to organize some of my notes for my personal writing projects. That way, no matter where I am, I'll have access.
anneliese: Yes, I've always wanted to do a collaborative project.
anneliese: I'm really enjoying the discussions. Very stimulating for me.
camidon: Even though, it's only the two of us tonight, it's still good to get together and banter.
anneliese: I agree. I always come away from these sessions with tons of ideas to work over.
camidon: I guess I'll get caught up on the WIKI, perhaps after this Saturday when I have a real weekend... , and sometime in the distant future, depending how wiki discussion goes, we might try for another one of these "difinitive chats"
anneliese: Yea, this one isn't going to decide anything, I'm afraid.
anneliese: There is still some tuning that we have to do with the process...
camidon: That's probably for the best, since I've been SO inactive on the WIKIsite; I was going to rely heavily on Dave tonight to lead.
anneliese: I wonder if some folks aren't a little afraid of it all.
camidon: yep...
camidon: Agreed, epsecially with the new WIKI software.
anneliese: Yep, I've been really waiting to see you hop into the wiki discussions.
camidon: I think Dave and I should start making executive decisions on the WIKI site. THis is how it's going to be, unless there's major opposition, and then we can discuss it more on the site.
anneliese: You can't imagine how traumatic message boards are for me :beard:
camidon: lol
anneliese: That is exactly what I think you and Dave should be doing.
camidon: WIth lots of good posts, we just need to choose some of the parameters and move on... (always keeping open parallel page ideas...)
anneliese: The rest of us will be perfectly happy with your decisions (or we'll certainly let you know).
camidon: Well good, Anneliese, then when I get on my feet, and reinvest time into the WIKIsite, I'll start doing it!
anneliese: That's great.
camidon: It's so strange having "excutive or editorial" control.
anneliese: As I'm digesting it, I'm really intrigued by the parallel could be a lot of fun, and give us a unique twist.
camidon: I'll email Dave and let him know, and we can both do it. This would be interesting.
camidon: <will be>
anneliese: I can certainly understand that you haven't had the time recently.
camidon: Ack. My priorites have swapped while I'm at the Park. CAVE. CAVE. CAVE. <writing a distant sixth>
anneliese: Because I'm so in awe of you, I put up one of my photos from Natural Bridge Caverns, TX, as my desktop wallpaper.
camidon: LOL!
anneliese: It's a shot looking into a dark hole.
camidon: I guess I shouldn't mention I may spend 1-2 months caving in Mexico this winter, finding new caves...
anneliese: That's fantastic. I hope you get to do it.
camidon: lol, again. I think it's interesting, and it's neat to know others think its cool too.
camidon: caving that is.
anneliese: I have always been in love with caves.
anneliese: That's probably why I love the notion of hollowing out asteroids for space vessels.
camidon: Perhaps if I get around to it, I'll email you some WInd Cave exploration pictures.
anneliese: I'd certainly enjoy them.
camidon: <writing myself a note>
camidon: Any knew stories or writing from your end?
anneliese: I've been slogging through one, but still can't make it work, so nothing to show.
camidon: Other than thinking about this WIKI project?
anneliese: I've certainly been spending more than a little time with that.
camidon: Ah, we all know that feeling. Got plenty of my own "slogs"
camidon: ONe of my summer goals was to finish a few of those 'slogs", but alas, as the summer wanes, I've not touched a sentence.
anneliese: From the set-up of the wiki (which was an experience) to actually using it, it has become something of an obsession for me.
anneliese: Same here. And I keep telling myself that I'll have it done to take up one of those AOL chat slots.
camidon: Hopefully that's good!
anneliese: It's experience, if nothing else.
camidon: Any recent slots filled for the critique schedule? Or still vast openings?
anneliese: August got filled quickly and we are into the first week of September, I think.
camidon: Hey, that's good to hear!
anneliese: But hopefully, there hasn't been too much SFWW emails of late, because I haven't gotten any.
anneliese: But email in general has trickled to almost nothing, it seems.
camidon: The last emails were my crits of the last two stories, Herbie's and Dave's
camidon: Nothing after the sixth
anneliese: That sounds about right.
camidon: other than your chat reminders
camidon: If the slots are filled, the critiques will come, or so we can hope!
anneliese: I assume. Did Elizabeth send out a story Monday?
camidon: Not that I received.
anneliese: That's what I was thinking. I know that she was online briefly, but didn't join the chat.
anneliese: I should send her a note
camidon: Good idea.
anneliese: Well, if you still have time, I should let you spend it writing, or perusing the wiki.
camidon: It's nearing the hour, and I do have to run tonight. Bummer we couldn't have an indepth GenE discussion, but all the same, this may have been just as healthy.
anneliese: For you and me, at least <g>
camidon: lol, ah sometimes Anneliese, we do think along the same wavelengths.
camidon: yes, for us!
camidon: One can never have enough moral support.
camidon: Thanks for the pleasant chat, Anneliese.
anneliese: Ditto. Anytime.
camidon: Then have a pleasant nite, and hopefully by this time next week I'll have thoroughlly reentered the WIKI GenE fray.
anneliese: I'm looking forward to it. Niters to you!