08: Due October 24, 2016 - Opening Lines

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We did a lot of writing for our last prompt, or at least we were supposed to, so this time we'll be doing fewer words. The following link talks about how to write a great first line.


It lists six possible ways to start a story. So the prompt for this time is to write six opening lines for the same story that match the six listed below. It can be a new story, an old story of your own or someone else's  story. If you use an existing story do let us know how to find it. If a new story include, if you know, a brief idea of how the story continues. You can if you wish include more of the story or a synopsis.

Finally we can vote on the best (and worst) opening lines.

Here are the six ways:
1. Show us something interesting about a major character (ideally the lead protagonist). 

2. Set something unusual and interesting in motion.

3. Establish the setting with a striking detail, ideally one that sets the mood.

4. Introduce an unusual relationship for the main character (with other characters, himself, his surroundings, and/or the readers).

5. Introduce problems and/or conflicts.

6. Subvert expectations and/or set up eye-catching contrasts, like exploding grandmothers.

For extra credit come up with a seventh way to start a story. Hopefully another good way and not bland and mind numbing. 

For fun start with a bad opening such as: weather, dream, info dump or a Bulwer-Lytton start.

Here are some examples and you can see that a good or bad opening line is in the mind of the reader.