06 Due June 20, 2016 - Tell it Better

Anything you can do, I can do better!
I can do anything better than you!
-- Irving Berlin, from Annie Get Your Gun

What makes a story great, or even good?

Sometimes when we read a story, as writers, we just know that we would have told the story differently. Here's a chance to take that notion and run with it. Thanks to Dave, we have several early stories from one of my personal heroes, the late, great Isaac Asimov. Pick one (my personal fav being Franchise, due to it being an election year), or more if you're feeling ambitious, and retell it in your own voice, with your own spin on the details. Feel free to update or devolve any way you like. The only thing you really need to keep is the idea behind the story.

Don't want to rewrite the story? Fine, then critique it instead. Go through the take, identify what's good, what's not so good, and what'd downright ugly. Make this a constructive criticism, though. So include suggestions for making the story better. Play the ruthless editor who knows his/her readership, and tell the author what needs to be done to make the story publishable in your magazine.

I've put the stories under the child page, 'Asimov Stories.' When you post your story or critique, be sure to post it as a child to this page. As an intro to your post, please include which story you chose and which role: author or editor.