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When stuck in a ditch or snow you rock your car back and forth to gain momentum. The same with writing. This may need a bit of explaining. When you rock backwards you delete some of you words. This may not sound like progress but we all know that many of the words you've written are going to get deleted.

So read that last paragraph you wrote, think about what it is that you've said, then delete it. Now write it again. If you have a memory like mine you will be using a lot of different words. You may get enough momentum to keep going into the next paragraph and soon. Let me know if it works for you.



More words:

But better than these:

You in the back:

Looking for a market:


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Interesting concept. Will

Interesting concept. Will have to try it.


Every employee's situation is

Every employee's situation is different and the lack of social insurance is not caused by us, said human resources director Gu Weimin.
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At the heart of "The Flamethrowers" is Reno, a young artist from Nevada who, after a childhood of downhill skiing and racing dirt bikes, moves to New York with the vague idea of making it in the art world. "It was an irony but a fact that a person had to move to New York City first, to become an artist of the West."
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BOB DOUGHTY: Earth Day is now

BOB DOUGHTY: Earth Day is now a worldwide event. One of its official organizers in the United States is a Washington based nonprofit group called Earth Day Network. Susan Bass is the vice president of programs and operations at Earth Day Network. She says that Earth Day is still very much about activism and fighting for the environment on a local level.
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JUNE SIMMS: Peter, Chris, Lisa and Patty are college students here in Washington. They all attend George Washington University. They also have something else in common. They are all Catholic. They share the belief of the Roman Catholic Church that using contraception to prevent new human life is morally wrong.
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I have been collecting and researching blue-and-white porcelain ware since I was in university, says the industrial design graduate from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. "To me, they represent the traditional Chinese understanding of beauty and elegance.
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Born in Bern, Switzerland, in

Born in Bern, Switzerland, in 1967, he was influenced by his zoologist father and artist mother. His father traveled extensively for work, and so did his family. When he was three, the family spent a year in Florida, then several months in the Seychelles Islands.
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We only choose natural materials in the house. This paint is water-based, which makes it a highly environmental-friendly, pure product, van Motman said.
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And this is Rich Kleinfeldt. Join us again next week for another VOA Special English program about the history of the United States.
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He rejects arguments that the luxurious world of haute couture is an unlikely candidate for state support.

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