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Posting the SFWW schedule

I'd like to begin posting the upcoming SFWW schedule of critiques and challenges on the website (again). I've just posted the first in the forum. Is this the best place? Other options are to create articles that can be archived, or other strategies. I'd like to be able to show titles and dates for one or two upcoming entries on the home page, but where, and does that make it too cluttered? In other words, let me know whether:

- you think this is useful
- how it would be easiest for you to see and use
- any other comments or advice you have

Writing Challenge in Three Acts--DUE JULY 29th

Hello everybody!

CyberSavant has suggested the following writing challenge...open to everybody in the group. If you're interested, read through the challenge description below, and send your story in three acts to me (hostsfww) by July 29th. I will send out all of the stories that I have received by that date on July 30th (Monday), for critique due August 13th.

Happy writing!

Writing Challenge
The Three-Act Structure


This is the new SFWW message board. I tried to move all the content from the old board here, but if you find something missing, please let me know. I'm still tweaking the format, so expect some changes. (Feel free to give me your .02)


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New Start for 2006

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New Start for 2006

Welcome Andrea!

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Manuscript Exchanges

Synopsis length

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Removing the dead weight

Moving the SFWW website to a new host

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