Dead Darlings All Over the Floor

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The first draft is done. It now flows logically from beginning to end (I hope). Many poor darlings of mine had to be cut and cut so bad they died. Oh well, as with many such they may rise again and new ones will be born.

That is one of my biggest problems. I have many ideas that can fit in the story but they don't fit together. So which child gets the gold ring? My other big problem is reinventing the ideas and adding them in as I polish the draft only to find that the idea had been included in the next paragraph. I wonder if I can solve that with technology. If I make headings for each idea then they will show up in the outline and I can see if I've included it or not. That may make for a very chopped up image. That is a technique for a different story.

On to the revision and then send it to this group far a critique. I'm sure you can't wait.