Another week, another few chapters

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I'm still going. Less than two weeks left in February, and I've got about eight chapters left. Basically the climax of the House on Hill Street. I wrote two chapters today, both fairly short, but that's two less to do. If I get just get a little written during the week, just even a chapter, then crank a few out each weekend, I can make my self imposed deadline. If only I hadn't taken on this SSDC editing project. Arrghh! Who new I'd get this windfall winter ranger job. Arrghh!

First week of work went well all things considered--my boss wasn't around at all and one of the seasonal rangers, bless her heart, came in on her day off to tell me the basics. I've got the basics down. but I don't have a clue where anything is and the place is like a tornado went through it.

Snowshoe hikes are awesome fun. If you live in an area where you can do them, try it out.