The City Disconnect

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Another week, another entry. This may be a record for me.

I spent this past weekend in Milwaukee visiting my wife's family. It's a dreary place of concrete and bars. For all you city-dwellers, I'll never understand the draw. Cities disconnect ourselves from reality. We forget upon what every city has been built. It becomes covered with our means of transportation, consumption, and lodging, but underneath, the foundation is the same as anywhere else. I suppose this is why I work for the National Park Service.

I successfully completed another chapter today. I also completed an entire rewrite of Chapter 1 last week. The House on Hill Street progresses. Never as fast as I desire, but I keep placing the periods on chapter after chapter. I shall complete this beast by February's bitter end. I also must attend to Fred the Ram Python and Henry the Mutzachan, ( which requires attention and completion soon.