Another week slingshots into the past

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A week of ups and downs. I definitely fit into the artist stereotype of bouts of mania. Some days I'm raring to go and writing my dainty behind off. The next day I can barely lift a finger I'm so frustrated with my writing. Would it be better if I constantly flatlined in the middle? No highs? No lows? I'm not certain that's a question I can answer. I wrote about 6 chapters, a few actually pretty good this week. Still, I feel I could have done much better. Does every writer always believe they should be writing more? Admittedly, when I wrote a middle-grade novel in a month, I felt pretty good.

I think I need to outline some more. I've gotten the kids into and out of the house with some great setup. Now I have to build to the final confrontation. Though I have a general idea how that will happen, it's not coming together like some of my other stories. When in doubt, stare at the outline. It's how I work. It's how I progress. It doesn't boost my word count, but it's how I craft. So tomorrow. Outline.

Someone tell me to listen to my own advice.

And must write for Battlelords. Tack that to my to-do list too. Deadline looming fast. Now if only they paid me, then the deadline might mean something.