Anyone subscribe to Publisher's Weekly?

I have read the advice from several books on writing: get to know the market. They recommend subscribing to Publisher's Weekly.

Great idea, but... it's $225 US per year!

Anyone have a subscription? Is it worth it?

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Greatest thing since sliced bread

It may be the greatest thing ever, but at $225 it sure falls outside my price range. Ugh.


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Re:Anyone subscribe to Publisher's Weekly?

Surely there are other ways to get to know the market? Although at $225 you'd want them to have some tricks up their sleeves!!

Re:Anyone subscribe to Publisher's Weekly?

I tried Publisher's Lunch which is a free web publication. It says something like "published daily... except when not". I got a few issues and they were pretty good, and then I got one once in a while, and then I stopped getting them at all.

I resubscribed and I'll see what happens. I see they have a "deluxe lunch" email now too, for $15 / month. That's damned steep for a magazine with no printing, distribution, or retail costs.

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