How to put an SASE into an E?

For all my mag submissions so far, I have stuck my SASE's into a big manila envelope. No problem.

But what if you want to send an SASE in an envelope of the same size? How do you fit that sucker in there?

I saw a description somewhere that says you fold the SASE into thirds and then put it in the envelope.

Anyone know if agents / publishers find this acceptable?

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Re:How to put an SASE into an E?

For short stories, I have folded the envelope in half and it came back without a problem. I usually don't ask for the ms. back. Rather, I provide a #10 envelope and a note asking that the ms. be recycled. It has worked for me.


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Ditto with Aneliese with folding the sucker in half. I haven't had any problems. Then again, I haven't had any success... I've never done the "recycle" thing as I either reuse the manuscript if its clean enough, or use it for scrap myself, or use it for revision purposes. Does cost a few extra bucks that way, but if you reuse the manuscript enough it saves on paper an ink. Shrug.

It would be interesting to know If the SFA (or whatever the acronym) has a standardized policy for this. I suppose I could look it up, but anyone know?


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Re:How to put an SASE into an E?

Well, I did as y'all suggested (folded the SASE in half and stuck it in the envelope) and I got 3 replies so far to my queries... so I guess it worked.

(Two said thanks but no thanks, but the third... well... he wants to see sample pages and synopsis! Laughing out loud Now I gotta finish the damned synopsis. Oups )

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