Online name Generators - "normal" and fantasy

Stuck for names? Looking for something more memorable than "Robert Smith"? Try these:

For you SF or modern story tellers, here is a random name generator for "normal" names, drawn from US census data. I really like this one. You can specify the "unusualness" of the names:

This one is terrific. It creates "normal" and fantasy names, names for towns and places, cultural names, and more:

Fantasy name generator, with a number of different rulesets for different name types:

Windoze users can even download the app itself to have on your PC. Go to and download the 32 bit executable Win version. It's an old Win95 app but it runs in XP. You also need the rule files (look on that page for the link to them and unzip in the same directory as the program). The rules files are in Swedish but it's pretty easy to follow the format if you want to make your own for a particular naming scheme (I did this, very nice).

Here is another fantasy one with a number of unusual rulesets. There is a help section that tells you how to write your own rulesets. That looks really good but since it's all online you would have to save rulesets on your own PC and paste them in.

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Re:Online name Generators - "normal" and fantasy

The awesome name generator above, the one on Squid by Mike Harvey, is available for PC download! I finally noticed the download link on the page.

It comes with all the name rules files used on the website and more. No more headscratching for names of characters and places! Oh happy day!

Unfortunately "names201" only comes compiled for DOS, and the original zip is rather raw.

So I fixed things up to make it easier to run under Windoze. If you want this program let me know. It's tiny -- only about 200k or about 100k zipped.

Mike also gives you the C source code for anyone ambitious enough to compile for Mac or native Windoze.

I have a Windoze C compiler but I haven't installed it and I haven't programmed in C in years... maybe someday.

I'm not a complete idiot -- some parts are missing.

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Re:Online name Generators - "normal" and fantasy

Eddy, you could put the files on the wiki in the write web. It would be good to create a reference page there where we could put files and links.

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