The following resources may be useful for researching scientific information.

HowStuffWorks - Learn how Everything Works;
This site does just what it says; it gives explanations about how things work.  As James Patrick Kelley writes in the May/June issue of Asimov’s: “There are explanations of everything from how lawsuits work to how the odometer of your car works.”

Science Archive:
The site is a storehouse of scientific papers with abstracts from all sorts of sources, covering many topics (from physics to quantitative biology).  This is hardcore information geared towards fellow scientists, not the public, so papers can be thick reading.
Similar to How Stuff Works, this site focuses on computer related technobabble, defining terms and lingoes for this computer age--examples range from acoustic coupler to zoopraxiscope. 

Science Daily Magazine:
A site dedicated to providing daily updates on recent scientific endeavors.  It is well organized and easy to scan for articles of interest. 

Physics Central:
Another site full of useful physics related information.  Categories such as “physics people,” physics in action,” and “physics in picture” send you to pages with a host of physic related topics.