Worlds Overview

Building worlds is both a time consuming and rewarding activity. At this point in time we are just starting and are still developing the rules. The rules are listed at the bottom of the page. Directly below is a list of worlds being built. If you post something here you are giving that idea to the group. If George Lucas comes to you and says, "That is the greatest thing I ever read. I'm stopping Star Wars 9 production to work on that, but I need an exclusive." We may have a problem. Not a big problem, but a problem. [ReferenceMaterials]: * Building worlds takes a lot of research. Here is information to help you on your way. [GenerationE]: * In about 150 years, groups on earth are sending colony ships to settle distant planets. Along the way the crew and their desendents will evolve over an extended timeframe to be able to survive the new environment at the destination planet. This universe will be extrapolated from current scientific trends. Leaps of fantastical science fiction, such as Faster Than Light Travel (FTL), Time Travel, and instantaneous galactic communication, will not be allowed. Proceed to [LaunchAssumptions] for more information as to the starting parameters to this world.