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My novel work is proceeding on schedule but life is intruding this week so I may not make the actual deadline. But I will be close and that is good. It all depends on how stubborn I get. This part of my system is expanding my expanded outline and put in more detail. I'm not writing as many words as I hoped but I am getting the plot nailed down so that is a major accomplishment.

That stubborn comment got me thinking. Why are those who claim that life is a journey not a destination are the ones who want to get to the top of the mountain.

In memory:

And the pitch is:

More advice:

In the last chat we talked about techno-speak. Here are some professional versions:
Serious version:
Marketing version:
Modern version with text:

They had me at lazy:


When "Ready, fire, aim" is right:

Plot storyboards:

What do your outlines look like:

About short stories:


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explosions. Just as they

explosions. Just as they prepared to launch into the final
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Novel goes on | Science

Novel goes on | Science Fiction Writers Workshop

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Ways these policies are implemented proves to be very confusing for all involved both people with felony convictions and election officials themselves, he says. a result of this confusion, the impact of these policies goes well beyond the 5.83 million who are legally disenfranchised, with many additional people incorrectly believing they also cannot vote. Clegg, the president and general counsel of a conservative think tank called the Center for Equal Opportunity, says that, as a policy matter, he believes restrictions make sense.
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