Iron Man

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Iron Man, another superhero movie, was fantastic. If you have any interest in superhero movies, this is one of the best, right up there with X-Men2 and Batman. The story was tight, the acting decent, and it was never stupid! Characters were never stupid. Plot twists were never stupid. True, it followed a standard Hollywood form, but it did it much better than most. Also true, I guessed the villain from the very beginning, but I believed the transformation of every character throughout the story. The jokes and special effects were also a part of the movie, not overshadowing the story or characters. Definitely worth the price of admission, even if move admission prices are damn expensive these days.

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I'll second that opinion.

I'll second that opinion. Most of these types of movies sacrifice plot and believability for action and plot twists, this one didn't. Well two small points but not enough to ruin it.


First unbelievable item was Stark's being able to build the suit in the terrorist camp and the second was surviving the crashes. But still a good movie.