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I was thinking about this "Idea Parking Lot" and had a thought.
I can't speak for everyone, but once in a while I need to bounce an idea off of others and flesh it out. I always hesitate, however, because then I feel if I turn around and create a story from that fleshed out idea, is it mine, or the folks who helped me flesh it out. Moral conflict, so on and so forth. That's one of the reasons I haven't posted here before. Plus, I'm greedy about my ideas. I have this unrealistic attitude that I will get to write all of my ideas sometime before I die. (If I stop working, and I cut off all ties to the outside world including my family I might get to do, like, a third!)
So any way I had an idea. How about if we use this board as a fleshing zone where we discuss the validity of ideas, but generally agree that anyone in the group can freely use the ideas discussed as fodder for stories? I mean it might be interesting to see where each of us that participate take the same basic idea. I'm not talking about using the same
characters, settings, et. Just the same gem of idea. Sort of like a shared world antho.
If for instance we bounce around an idea about talking dogs, then anyone inspired to write such a story could do so with out feeling the idea belonged to someone else first. Sort of group ownership of any ideas discussed on this board. What do you think?
Crazy idea, right?

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Re:Thoughts about this board

So crazy, it just might...

Sounds fine to me.

Another ridiculous notion: post an idea here, and say up front that you want to be the one to write on it, but you are asking for people's suggestions about it.

The honor system dictates that no one will try to steal your idea. Is there honor among writers?

The old writer paranoia about "stealing ideas" is silly anyway.

First of all, 99% of stories are based on old ideas. Truly original thought is rare. But an old idea told in a new way is a new story, and everyone is fine with that.

Second, ideas are worth nothing. NOTHING! That's why you can't patent an idea, only an invention or process -- something tangible. People have ideas all the time. You can't make money off an idea until you turn it into something useable or practical.

(I had to study patent law for my P. Eng. exam, and I am co-owner on a patent so I am familiar with the process. The realization that ideas are worthless was a shock to me too. That was 10 years ago and I'm still getting over it.)

I'm not a complete idiot -- some parts are missing.