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Writing is a trick and most challenging task. The first step before starting your essay is that you should know who your audience is. To which section of the society you want to deliver your thoughts, or who are the people whom you want to influence or impress through your writing. This understanding is very essential because this will help you in selecting the tone, the language and the information for your essay, so that it grabs the attention of your targeted audience.

Mostly the essays which are written by various writers are expository, descriptive, argumentative or narrative. Depending on the writer's reason behind writing the essay, it can be entertaining, informative or persuasive in nature. Let’s understand this with an example; suppose you are writing an essay on why young children should not be allowed to use Facebook, then your essay will be of both informative and persuasive nature. You will first have to inform the readers about the various issues which occur with younger generation due to the use of Facebook, and then you need to persuade them by explaining your opinion. If you have any confusion with your writing then seek help from the custom essay writing service, you can get outstanding help from the professional writers here.