Action Plan vs. Story Outline

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What does that title mean? Well, I finally figured out that there are two parts to my epic space opera novel. There is what happens to the characters and then there is what is recorded in my novel. Maybe I just invented a new term for backstory but I'm thinking my term is a only as part of that. Back story include the history and lots of things that don't happen in the scope of the story. By action plan I mean the thngs that happen in the scope of the story but don't make it into the written novel.

Maybe examples would help. I have a interstellar propulsion system that uses technology to reduce inertia. That makes it into the novel because it is needed to explain the behavior of the space craft. I have several ships invading an alien planet but the behavior of the ships not mentioned in the novel are important only because they affect how the ship I do mention act.

Clear? Probably not but to me it means there are things I need to know but which I don't have in the story. Sidestory not backstory? It helps me to think of it that way and if it helps you too- great.


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