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Sex, Loquacity and Vicarious Details

There is a thread at Absolute Write - http://absolutewrite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=252203 about the lack of sex in fantasy or space opera. My contribution to that was:

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Shorts vs. novels

Every now and then I read on a forum where someone wants to start writing and wonders if they should start with short stories before jumping into novels. Other times it's a novel writer trying to write a short story but finding themselves at 10,000 words before getting to the gist of the story. The common theme is whether writing shorts and writing novels are two aspects of the same thing or very different.

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The Demise of Science Fiction as the Literature of Ideas

I started this entry quite a while ago but a thread in Absolute Write caused me to focus on it. See the thread at:


The thread started by asking if SF is still the literature of ideas. I'm paraphrasing of course. There was a lot of good discussion util we come to my response.

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Idea vs. Language

This is my second rant on this subject (you can find the earlier one below) but this one includes a graph !!!

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The 'Rule' of Writing

There is a lot of discussion about the rules of writing. In fact there is only one. I'll tell you later because telling you now would violate the 'Rule'. The other 'rules' are guidelines, hints, advice, styles or models. They say you have to know the 'rules' before you can break them. Well, breaking a rule incurs penalties. You can use bad grammar and get away with it. You can spell wrong, you can have no plot or have no characters. All these have been done in highly acclaimed works and best sellers. No, the only rule is – write so that the reader keeps reading. That's it. Now go write.

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More Stories to More Markets

More Stories to More Markets is my motto for 2012. W1S1 was a great help in 2011 but now it is time to step it up a notch. It is hard to get momentum going when you sub a story and then wait. Of course the answer is to have more stories in circulation and when/if it gets rejected then send it to another market. Which brings me to another point which I learned last year - is that the subbing and keeping track of subs is hard. Which market wants what type of story and do I have one sub'ed there already.

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Nano Musings

Well Nanowrimo is over and I've recovered. Now comes the time to reflect on what I did and didn't do and how all that can help me (and others) in the future. I did learn some stuff. I learned the value (to me) of novel writing software. For the last severnal years I've written shorts and they have gotten shorter. Maybe they followed my memory. But in any case if I'm to write a novel in the future I will need something, software or a good note system to keep track of all that is happening in the novel that is not happening right now.

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On Second Thought

Don't you just hate it when you've spend some time working on a story and then when it's mostly done you come up with an idea on how to tell it in a much better way.

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Fantasy to Science Fiction: the Speculative Spectrum

As usual I'm reading some forum soemwhere on the web and I come across an argument about what is science fiction and what is fantasy and hard vs. soft SF. This brings up Clarke's third law: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. My tastes tend to be on the harder side but I did enjoy Lord of the Rings way back when and I do follow Butcher's Dresden Files series so I'm not 100% hard core. I have also written a few fantasy stories myself.

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Story or Writing

I'm reading Robopocalypse: a novel by Daniel H. Wilson. Interesting and I'm enjoying it. I did find/notice two instances of what I would consider poor copy editing. More than a typo but not bad writing. Sort of like, "me and John went..." I'm not sure if that is meant to show the education level of the character but it's not in dialog or first person. In any case it was enough to pop me out of the story, to get me thinking about the writing and not the story.

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