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Lazy, rain

I've benn too lazy. We have had a lot of rain recently, about six inches in the last six days, but that is not really an excuse. This week I need to get going and finish that short. I really like it so my laziness is unexplainable. My reluctance to work on the story is prbably because I don't like the middle. It seems just like make disaster for my MC. Yes, I know that is what is supposed to happen but it seems contrived to me. No disaster means - boring - so what can I do except throm demons at him.

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Hiatus (sort of)

I've decided to work on a short for a bit and get away from the novel for a while. The short was inspired by a quote from Winston Churchill and ends by flouting one of the rules from Elmore Leonard. Or maybe I should say it pays homage to Elmore Leonard. I hope that you will see it pass through the group by the end of the month so keep an eye out for it.

While walking the dog I got an idea for another short or it might be a flash. That is why I like the shorter formats. One idea, a few thousand words and I'm done. 

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Still on schedule

I managed to get my writing goals done for August. Perhaps not well done but done enough. Now I've got to decide if I plug on with the novel or take a break and do something else for a month. The novel is basically heavily outlined. A lot of detail and even some dialog written. Should I let it simmer in the back of my mind? I have a short I worked on last year that got about half way done before I switched to the novel. I would like to finish that. But will I forget (I do that a lot) my novel and have to relearn it all over again.


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Novel goes on

My novel work is proceeding on schedule but life is intruding this week so I may not make the actual deadline. But I will be close and that is good. It all depends on how stubborn I get. This part of my system is expanding my expanded outline and put in more detail. I'm not writing as many words as I hoped but I am getting the plot nailed down so that is a major accomplishment.

That stubborn comment got me thinking. Why are those who claim that life is a journey not a destination are the ones who want to get to the top of the mountain.

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Links II

Well my novel writing is proceeding but at a slow pace . I'm at the point where I'm expanding the outline I did by either writing actual scenes or parts thereof or by writing about the scene in a telling not showing manner.

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Links and novel progress


Good news everyone! Per the 100% request for it I'm going to be posting these links on my SFWW blog: http://sfwritersworkshop.org/DaveK_blog . So if you ever need to find an old link you will be able to. Big question is should I go back and create a bit of a history of these links. Let me know.

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Making A Short Story Long

This year, 2013, I am going to try my hand at a novel. I've done W1S1 for the last two (?) years. When did it start? I have also done NaNoWriMo a couple of times. I haven't had any luck selling a short, although I have gotten a few encouraging rejections and made it past the first round once or twice. I think I'll try my hand at a longer piece. It is going to be a space opera story, set in deep space with humans encountering aliens and of course fighting. It won't be based on a misunderstanding, I hate those premises.

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Solar flare caused by global warming

Now what does that title mean to you? Do you take it as a possible true headline? Do you think it is a mix up of cause and effect by some clueless reporter? Is it a straw man set up by some GW skeptic? But this is a blog about writing and SF writing in particular. With that in mind maybe you have concluded that this will be a post about the terrible science that happens in many SF shows. I'm thinking in particular about Revolution. In that show electricity is somehow disabled. Does lighting still happen? How about nerve impulses? Do magnets still work? The earth's field in particular.

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One Legged Panster

I'm thinking about do NaNo this year and would need to start planning a novel very soon. But instead I'm writing this. I do like the idea of plotting the story line and maybe even getting to the point where I have each scene plotted. I started thinking about the snowflake method. It's a detailed outlining guide in which you start at the one sentence idea and end up with a complete scene by scene outline and fully developed characters. I tried it by never got too far.

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Where has the Wonder gone?

I was thinking of what if any story idea to use for NaNoWriMo this year. The two that came to mind are both fantasy. Now, I'm a hard SF fan from way back so why is my mind going to fantasy? Why are the first two ideas that pop into my mind vampires and werewolves or magic as the base of technology. Back when I was a kid I would wonder about such science based stories which involved beams and drives and aliens and kids in their basements building devices that did wondrous things. Did I get old?

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