Signing up for more punishment?

Last year, I wisely decided that I had too much going on to consider another round of NaNoWriMo. Well, this year it looks like that wisdom was short lived because I attended a 'No Plot No Problem!' workshop last Wednesday at my local Borders. And even though we didn't do any of the proscribed exercises--there were about a dozen of us creating an outrageous racket in the otherwise library-like atmosphere--it was a blast. I sincerely hope that we supported the coffee shop and book sales sufficiently for the ruckus.

What prompted me to get out of my nest and go out to this event? My friend admitted that she's always wanted to be a writer and, coincidentally, she's unemployed beginning November. Kind of had to do it, I guess.

If anyone else is planning to do this insanity, please look me up. The more of us doing it and cheering each other on, the better the chances that we will actually succeed.