02 Due March 30th: Three Things

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By the luck of the calendar, there are five Mondays in March this year, so you get an extra week to think on this writing prompt. Will you need it? Naw, this one is easy peasy.

For this challenge, you need to incorporate three things into your story:

  • something green
  • something made of gold (the metal, not the color)
  • something fantastical

For example, if you were going to write something in honor of St. Patrick's day, you might choose:

  • a shamrock
  • a pot of gold
  • a leprechaun

But I know you'll come up with something a lot more creative. So let's see it! When you're ready to submit, click on the link link below called "create child page" and paste (or compose directly if you're brave and save a lot) into the Body block.